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一位朋友每天吃蒜頭蒸飯,晚餐用一把蒜頭切碎煮飯,半年之後高血壓消失了,痛風症消失了,坐骨神經痛亦消失了。 對於目前流行的非典型肺炎,他認為吃蒜頭是增強免疫力的方法,因為蒜頭是「窮人靈芝」,能通血管及清除毒素, 以前美軍亦用作隨身解毒劑。蒜頭炒飯:蒜頭越多越香,拍碎,油鍋炒香蒜頭放入鹽,煮好的飯放如加葫椒鹽拌炒, 起鍋。另一位朋友提醒要多食維他命C以增強抵抗力,並切忌吃煎炸熱氣食物,免引致喉嚨發炎,病毒就由此攻入。


蒜頭之外﹐原來薑也是一樣有用。蒜頭及老薑是「廉價靈芝」真沒想到蒜頭及薑的好處多多! 薑對身體很有益處,愛美又想要健康的人,不妨試試看吧!


1. 約十公克的薑磨成糊狀。

2. 把薑糊放入玻璃杯裡。

3. 注入滾燙的熱開水。

4. 加入一匙蜂蜜,拌勻後飲用。

5. 男女老少都適合飲用。



(1) 身體變溫暖,手腳冰冷的『怕冷症』體質明顯改善。

(2) 體重可減輕約十公斤。

(3) 皮膚變得細嫩。 (4) 去掉多餘贅肉,腰圍變細。

Steamed Rice with Garlic [The following is an excerpt translated from the above for reference only. Use of terms may not be accurate according to the original.] A friend after eating rice steamed with chopped garlic for six months, his high blood pressure, gout and sciatica symptoms disappeared. It is widely belied that eating garlic is a way of enhancing the immune system. Garlic is considered the "lingzhi" (ganoderma lucidum), for the poor. It has the effect to pass blood vessels and remove toxins from within. The U.S. military has previously used garlic as a portable antidote. Apart from steaming, garlic can be used in cooking fried rice with salt and pepper for better taste.

Besides garlic, ginger is also beneficial to health and beauty. So give it a try!

Ginger and Honey drink:

1. About 10 grams of ginger ground into a paste.

2. Put the ginger paste in a glass.

3. Add boiling water.

4. Add a spoonful of honey, mix well

5. The drink is suitable for both men and women (Cook crushed ginger slices with brown sugar will have the same effect.)

Drinking twice daily for two months, the following is a list of proven results according to some written testimony: (1) cold hands and feet syndrome has been improved.

(2) reduce body weight about 10 kg.

(3) the skin becomes smoother.

(4) remove excess fat, waist trimmed.



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